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Moving checklist

A lot of unexpected issues come up during a move – you don’t do it every day. To make the process go as smoothly as possible, emoov has set up a basic checklist, which may be helpful. 

Complete removal

3 months prior to move

  • Terminate rent 
  • Inform timely about your internet, phone and cable company 
  • Request new phone number 
  • Gather information about your new living area  
  • Inform timely about schools in your area 
  • Who ensures the disconnection of electrical appliances (stove, washer and dryer) and light fixtures? 
  • A house often contains a lot of 'permanent' elements to be moved along. Think of curtain rails or covers, towel rails, carpet, built-in furniture. Plan beforehand who does what when detaching. 
  • Order floor coverings 
  • Order curtains 

1 month prior to move

  • Confirm removal date 
  • Request free days at work 
  • Make the necessary arrangements for the move to a new bank or bank branch in your new residence. 
  • Terminate gas supply to the old address 
  • Request for gas supply to the new address 
  • Terminate water supply to the old address 
  • Request water supply to the new address 
  • Make arrangements for meter-reading recordings 
  • Inform schools and gather reports and notes. 
  • Gather the necessary moving boxes. 
  • Provide labels to stick on your moving boxes, so you'll find everything quickly at your new address. You can buy these labels at

2 weeks prior to move

  • Shutdown insurance 
  • Inform health insurance 
  • Inform doctor 
  • Make sure you have your medical records and reports 
  • Inform municipal service 

1 week prior to move

  • Appointment to handover keys old address 
  • Appointment to handover keys new address 
  • Duplicate keys new address 
  • inform current suppliers about your new delivery address 
  • Arrange nanny for kids and sitter for pets on moving day 
  • Return library books 
  • Request at postal office that correspondence is forwarded automatically to the new address 
  • Check that all lockers (school, sports) are empty 

1 day prior to move

  • Defrost freezer and refrigerator 
  • Arrange sufficient parking space for the moving van. At least 20 meters. 
  • Make sure that the lift can fit within 10 meters of the property and the balcony windows are freely accessible. 
  • Disconnect electrical appliances 
  • Make sure the relocation team can immediately start loading and everything is well prepared. 

Day of move

  • Ensure plenty of cash 
  • Record the gas, water and electricity meters 
  • Drain water pipes (if severe frost)

After the move

  • Check for possible damage 
  • Write a review about your relocation experience 
  • Dispose of empty moving boxes 
  • Register at the new municipality 
  • Receive redirected maiContact new bank 
  • Check if nothing had been delivered at the old address 

Report address change to:

  • Family 
  • Neighbours  
  • Friends and acquaintances  
  • Colleagues 
  • Doctor 
  • Dentist 
  • Pharmacy  
  • Veterinarian  
  • Insurance companies 
  • Insurance brokers 
  • Electricity company 
  • Water supplier 
  • Gas supplier 
  • Internet supplier 
  • Telecommunications Service 
  • Cable supplier 
  • Bank 
  • School 
  • Sport club 
  • Recreational Associations 
  • Town hall 
  • Library 
  • Newspapers and magazines 
  • Church 
  • Notary 
  • Health insurance